Join us for our annual NACF walk from anywhere you are !! 

Joining the Self Walk means that you want to support Never Alone Cancer Foundation programs, but can not or do not want to be at the actual event for any number of reasons.

  • Participants may not be able to attend the day of the walk, live too far away from the walk locations or just prefer to do it their own way.
  • We have some participants who can no longer be physically active, but want to help make a difference in the lives of cancer patients in Manitoba.
  • Many people can not afford an expensive gala ticket, but someone can donate $10 or $25 or $100 and make a big difference to someone who is going through cancer.

Remember it isn’t about the walk itself, but about supporting a Foundation who’s programs are meaningful to you. The walk fundraising site is a simple and great way to get your community to support something that is important to you.

By signing up you can let your friends and family know that our efforts are important to you and have them donate to your page.

Here are some examples of participants who have supported the walk, without actually attending the event.


Example 1:

Jenn wanted to support the Foundation and push herself to walk 100km, as part of rehabilitating from an injury. She’d walk her two dogs and post about it on social media. Not only did she surpass her distance goal, but also her fundraising goal. Here is one of her posts: