The Kindness Project

The Kindness Project is about recognizing amazing people within our community!

Kindness releases positivity. It promotes empathy and compassion. We feel better and the recipients feel better. Basically, a whole lot of people will feel happier with a simple act of kindness.

Nominate someone in your life who:

  • Brightened your day
  • Made your life easier
  • Deserves some kindness

And we will give them a Pay it Forward with Salisbury House Gift Card!

This year’s Kindness Project was made possible by Salisbury House’s Pay it Forward Initiative. 

We have given away over 30 gift cards to people in our community who have demonstrated kindness in any way! Nominations are still open and you can submit yours TODAY by including the name, contact information and why you are nominating your nominee!

Submit all nominations via email to