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If you suffering from dental issues caused by cancer or cancer treatments and are unable to afford the proper care please inquire about our assistance program. Contact our office by email or by phone 204.779.2441

Open Up and Say Ahhh! – Oral Cancer Awareness

Oral cancer is the largest group of those cancers which fall into the head and neck cancer category. Common names for it include such things as mouth cancer, tongue cancer, tonsil cancer, and throat cancer. Approximately 7,900 people in Canada were diagnosed with oral cancer in 2023.

Unfortunately at this time, the majority are found as late stage cancers, and this accounts for the very high death rate of about 43% at five years from diagnosis (for all stages combined at time of diagnosis).Late stage diagnosis is occurring because most of these cancers are hard to discover, it is because of a lack of public awareness coupled with the lack of a national program for opportunistic screenings which would yield early discovery by medical and dental professionals. Worldwide the problem is far greater, with new cases annually exceeding 640,000.

Examinations for oral cancer are quick and easy. An oral health professional can complete a thorough exam in 5 to 10 minutes. Signs to look for:

  • Bleeding or open sores that don’t heal
  • White or red patches
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Small lumps and thickening on the sides or bottom of your tongue, the floor or roof of your mouth, the inside of your cheeks, or on your gums

We are thankful to the Manitoba Dental Foundation for providing the funding necessary for the Dental Support Program and Oral Cancer Awareness Program.