How can we help?

The Winnipeg Soup Fairies (Paulette Cote and Peter Czehryn) started delivering soup to family members affected by COVID and realized how much of a need there was in our community. After losing a family member to cancer, they decided giving back was the best way to lift community spirit (and their own) one bowl of soup at a time.

The Never Alone Cancer Foundation reached out to the Soup Fairies to inquire if they would consider delivering soup to people affected by cancer and that is how this wonderful partnership began!

Soup is generally delivered on Tuesdays & Wednesdays by contactless delivery.  All soups are prepared at licensed establishments through Shannon’s Irish Pub, Chef in the House and St. Mary’s Rd UC!

If you or a loved one would benefit from a bowl of homemade soup, you can contact us or contact the Soup Fairies directly @winnipegsoupfairies.

To help raise funds, you can donate to the Winnipeg Soup Fairies through our donation page.