Send a family to Salisbury House

Please consider donating towards our Sals Pay it Forward Campaign. Never Alone will receive an additional $7 for every $25 donation from Salisbury House!!

Promotion run September 10 – November 12

Never Alone uses Gift Cards to support cancer patients through their journey.  These gift cards provide patients the ability to purchase “Heat & Eat” meals from the Sals market, when they are too ill to cook.  We give gift cards to caregivers and families affected by cancer to enjoy a nice meal with their loved ones, a treat that many cannot afford.  We also gift them through our Kindness Project to help bring a smile to someone going through a difficult time to let them know they Never Alone. These cards will also be used in our Hope for the Holiday program, where families are visited by Santa.

Please note, we use Canada Helps to facilitate our online donations. Once your donation is made you will automatically receive a receipt to your email from Canada Helps.