Select from quality and competitively priced bedding plants, perennials, hanging baskets, vegetables, herbs, succulents, and container gardens in support of the Never Alone Cancer Foundation.

Fall Garden Mums can be easily ordered now in the spring for delivery shortly after Labor Day in the early Fall.

Gift Cards are also available. You can then pick out some of the other plants in store and Never Alone receives $5 per $25 gift card.

Ensure you select Never Alone Cancer Foundation  from the Group Dropdown.

Shortly after completion of the order, an email confirmation is sent to the email address provided confirming the group selected and date along with the products ordered. Online orders will be able to be placed until 11:59 pm on Thursday April 15, 2024 .

The plants will be delivered to the NACF office, 1700 Church Ave (parking lot)  on Tuesday, May 14, 2024  and we will need all orders to be picked up between 12pm-7pm .


How this fundraiser started:

To honour my mom’s memory and her love of gardening I wanted to help set up this plant fundraiser for NACF.  

My mom, Elizabeth, was not only an avid gardener, but she also took a lot of pride in the whole yard. As far back as I can remember she used to cut all the grass with a push power mower, while she was physically able. Her reasoning was that the push power gave a superior cut and the grass was like velvet when we walk on it.  

 Mom had an uncanny knack of picking just the right combination of annuals and perennials in various colours and heights to create a spectacular yard.  The local paper even did an article on our yard. Mom was quite pleased with the recognition.  

 She enjoyed it when neighbours would walk by our yard and stop to admire her work. Occasionally they would get a snip of a plant for their own yards. She would do all edging in the gardens with a knife.  You could never find a weed. She taught me all I know about gardening and helped me create my own beautiful gardens for years.  

 She couldn’t enjoy the garden in 2020 due to cancer. My dad and I planted the garden and he showed her pictures of our work, while she was at the hospital.  

 My love of gardening comes from my mom and I hope we did her proud. My dad sure has some big shoes to fill. In memory of Elizabeth Mary Hunter  

Cheryl Hunter