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Sarah’s Story

Sarah’s Story

Sarah’s Story

Eager to help others diagnosed with cancer, Transcona resident Sarah Scott shared her story with me.

Diagnosed with colon cancer, Sarah has been in the hospital since Boxing Day of last year.

Sarah’s sister-in-law Marilyn decided to help the best way she could. Familiar with the Never Alone Foundation because her son, Rob — who lost his battle with cancer in 2016 — had been welcomed into the Never Alone family, Marilyn once gain reached out to Never Alone.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers alumnus and former CFL executive Lyle Bauer founded Never Alone in 2004, after being diagnosed with throat cancer. Talking with other cancer patients, Bauer became aware of some of the struggles faced by others and wanted to help.

His experience with the disease and the support he received from family and friends led him to help those affected by cancer — to let them know they are “never alone.”

Never Alone director Michael Schiefer said the foundation will help over 200 people this year.

“We want to lend a helping hand in any way that we can in order to help improve the lives of those living with cancer,” Schiefer said.

Never Alone recognizes that the needs of individuals with cancer are different. Committed to helping each person in a meaningful way, the foundation has arranged and covered the cost of a variety of community outings including trips to Rainbow Stage, fishing and football games. The foundation has also helped people by providing financial support for such things as new glasses or the cost of transportation to and from hospital.

Never Alone also continues to be involved with and provide support to families after the passing of their loved one.

At the age of 60, Sarah has been a huge Bombers fan for the past 45 years. Given her love of the team, Never Alone arranged for Sarah to get a visit from former defensive back Rod Hill.

Although excited, Sarah was also nervous about the visit and was really not sure what to expect.Sarah’s face lit up as she spoke about Hill and his visit. She said he made her feel comfortable right away and that “it was like talking to an old friend.”

He stayed for almost two hours, and Sarah said she really enjoyed hearing stories about his family and football career. Rod also brought her a number of gifts including a blue and gold blanket, a book about Lyle Bauer’s cancer fight, a Hilary Druxman necklace and a Never Alone wrist band.

Referring to Never Alone Foundation as a “fantastic organization,” Sarah wants to say thank you and to encourage others to become involved by volunteering their time or donating to the charity.